Saturday, November 29, 2008

Best Accomplishment and Celebration

Last Monday I was sworn in and became a member of the New York Bar...meaning, now I am a lawyer, really. I know a lot of you probably thought this happened a long time ago...nope, I've only been an attorney for almost a week. It was a fine ceremony held in a beautiful courtroom (just imagine the ballroom of the Titanic and you're half way there) and it was a privilege to have my mom there, too.

To celebrate, we invited Lexia and Jared to join us for burgers at Lure in Soho. I believe this to be the first time I've blogged about the burgers of Lure although I've been a big fan for about 2 years now. Lure is a fancy seafood place dressed up like a yacht and hidden beneath the Prada store and for all the la-dee-da of it, they grill up a real fun burger and it's a friendly place to celebrate anything...from the termination of your hunger to the ascension of your legal rank.

Las Fotos:

Also, dessert: a selection of ice cream sandwiches and tapioca pudding. Mom gave the pudding a serious thumbs-up and a thumbs-up to tapioca pudding isn't something Mom just tosses around willy-nilly.


Lambini said...

CONGRATS!!!! And yes, those burgers are delicious!

Nerak said...

1) congrats.

2) i totally didn't know about that place below prada?! you are quite the food aficionado.

bug girl said...

High five! Pat on the back! and Felicitaciones!

Gian and Andrea said...

Do you get an important official prefix in front of your last name now that you are a Lawyer? Oh, I guess you get something that trails after your name "attorney at law". Well now you have made it! Congrats!!!


Mary said...