Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Best Holy Geeze You Guys

Kind of embarrassing to admit, but today I went to the Momofuku Ssam Bar for the first time ever. I went with Matt during during their lunch hours when the menu is a lot less intimidating (I'll have to come back for dinner when I can choose between things like warm veal head terrine, spicy honeycomb tripe, grilled veal shortbreads, or a nice crispy pig's head torchon).

What we have here are the steamed pork belly buns and a pork bib bim bap (a.k.a. rice bowl), sides of pickles, cauliflower in fish sauce (like I made myself before) and bean sprouts in Chinese bbq sauce and sesame oil.

You know what pork belly is? It's bacon before it becomes bacon. My goodness:

It was all good but the two different porks were so delicious, just so furiously magnificent. Eating them I felt myself transforming into a pork-mad Frankenstein and when I finished my meal I ran outside, tore of my shirt, and began overturning cars and shaking down hobos just trying to find more pork. Ask anyone, all I have talked about since that meal was how much I like pig and how I have to get more pig.

Recommended Additional Reading:
Here's a great photo gallery of all the different Momofuku dishes, it's like the new JC Penny's catalogue and dinner is the new Christmas. Click!


Betsy said...

At first I thought this was one of your "look what I made for dinner posts" and I thought "wow...he's getting so good at cooking!"

Then I realized this post was about being good at eating.

Cindy said...

That pork looks icky to me. I'm sorry.

Brig said...

Pork isn't for looking, it's for eating.

Cindy said...

Fat hobbit!