Sunday, April 13, 2008

Best Let's Get Caught Up

I've been running around with my old pal Matt and not blogging, so I've got a backlog of noteworthy notes to catch you up on quickly.

Last Thursday I went to the Library and wrote for 3 or 4 hours straight. It was great, lead and paper met in a fury and when I was done it felt like I had been battling.

Last Friday (Not the 11th but the one before it) Friday night I found myself walking home from east 87th street. I've already walked from my house to 87th street via 3rd Avenue, so I walked down 1st Avenue. First avenue is like a whole different land, there are parts along it that feel very much not like New York at all.

In the low 80's I saw this one-screen movie theater that I had never ever heard of before (and from the looks of the lobby I don't think anyone else had ever heard of it before, either).

Additional sights:

Last Weekend Last weekend was General Conference, I hope you didn't already forget. I watched all the sessions at the Union Square building because I spend enough time in my apartment alone with my computer as it is.

Between sessions we had Taco Bell and we had Vietnamese food.

Monday! Wasn't Monday the NCAA championship? Jeff R had people over for it, the centerpiece of the evening (except for the basketball game, of course) was the pot of buffalo wings drowning in Texas Pete hot sauce.

The fiery wings were eaten with enthusiasm and daring

"When we met I couldn't take my eyes off her."
"Because it was love at first sight?"
"No, because we were having a staring contest."

The train ride home.

Tuesday Tuesday was big! In the afternoon I helped Jared move into his new apartment in Brooklyn where he's living with Chris. It was my job to protect the truck.

When you're moving Jared you're not moving the usual stuff.

Wait, did some art just happen?

Celebrating a job well done:

Ok,here's something I learned in Jared's new bathroom. First, I was possessed to take my photo in the mirror, man, I don't know the last time I took a self-pic. Anyway, why is it that in self-pics we're always acting like we don't know the camera is right there, or that it isn't right there at all?

I decided to take some camera-aware self-pics. Indulge me.

And then you know what happened that night? Unexpected phone call from Erin lead to me catching VHS or Beta with Scott, from what I recall it was my first concert since Morrissey in October.

I can't help but confuse VHS or Beta with TV on the Radio and Tapes and Tapes, the names all just seem to grow on the same tree. But VHS or Beta did a real good job and I'm glad I broke my concert drought with this show. While at the club I was in a rapid fire text exchange with Matt who was on his way to Manhattan in his car. At around 11:30 he texted me that he was driving through Newark, at around 1:30 he arrived at my house (and if you know a little about my neighborhood you know that the Village and Newark aren't 2 hours away from each other). What sorts of adventures (besides pork-consumption) have we engaged in during his visit? Tune in to my next catching-up to find out!


Scrumpestuous D said...

As someone who has spent LOTS of time on 1st Ave, I can tell you that parts of it are indeed from another world. Also, for some strange reason, I've always wanted to go to the UA East, ever since I first saw it and thought it was the LA East.

JayMoo and Stephoin said...

Welcome to the neighborhood Jared, and the ward.