Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Best Ok, Seriously New Yorkers

Who is getting Mario Kart for the Wii? It comes out next Tuesday and we need to be playing this game as soon as we can.


M said...

do you seriously have to ask, brigham? do you doubt that i am already on it? it's coming. plus 3 extra wii wheels. and of course i'm planning to have a festive gathering / bbq to celebrate. will send out details soon. the only catch is i am out of town until the 30th so it will have to be after that.

Brig said...

I know a guy with a birthday on the 30th.

Also, maybe you'll need help getting all the courses and cars and characters unlocked before your big party?

M said...

unfortunately, i mean really really late on the 30th. probably not really until the 1st.

JayMoo and Stephoin said...

This game will single handedly be my ruin if it contains even 1/100th of the awesomeness of the Nintendo 64 version. I would have learned stuff at BYU if it weren't for that game.

Brig, M...can I get in on that pre-unlocking stuff?