Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Best Let's Get Caught Up, pt.2

Very Late Last Tuesday Night

Very late last Tuesday night old buddy Matt got to my house. Matt is having one of his adventures and this time the adventure includes a stay in New York. There were some complications involving freeways and directions that delayed Matt's arrival, but once he was here we ran out into the city for food and adventure. It's surprisingly hard to find somewhere to eat at around 2 am on a Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. Even bars known for their burgers give up before that hour.


Wednesday was the day we ate at Momofuku and I freaked out over pork all day long. On the way to Momofuku we saw a sign that interested Matt.

Also that day Matt bought his Metro Card.

And that night we went to a taping of America's Got Talent. Bad news guys, it doesn't.

Thursday was the day we ate at Setagaya. On the way there Matt took pictures of things and I took pictures of an old Taco Bell.

A good way to make a group of people look bigger than they are is to leave the beginning and end of their group out of the photo, then the viewer doesn't know if the mass goes on for ever or only contains 7 more people than they see (answer here: about 7 more).

Thursday afternoon we were in a deli and I noticed this smudge on Matt's forehead. I don't know when he got it, I don't know how he got it, I don't know how long he had it, all I know is that it was there. Matt found out about the smudge after I took this photo, he probably thought it rather odd that I wanted a picture of him with his Coke.

Somewhere in New York's East Village I showed Matt the buzzer to Wes Andersen's apartment/office.

Matt and I just sat here in my room for a few minutes trying to remember what we did Thursday night. We were absolutely stumped but then remembered that we watched the Office and ate tacos with Collin, Kristin, Lindsey, and Caroline. Pretty typical/pretty awesome way to spend a Thursday night.

Friday: Big Adventure Day!

Friday was a day of big adventure. We woke up early and assembled an army of adventure (an army of Brigham, Matt, Collin, and Lexia) and hit the road.

Here we see Lexia's arriving for the adventure with her bag of treats:

And here we hit the road:

The road:

This is what Matt looks like when he explains stuff:

It took me a while to remember why I had "Ace" written on my hand:

Here's the road again:

And arriving at our destination, Beacon, New York, about 80 miles up the Hudson River from the city:

Where were did we go? Why, to the Dia:Beacon. What's the Dia:Beacon? A super-awesome, super-spacious art museum full of wild gigantic artworks where you aren't allowed to take pictures inside. Here's pictures I took at and around the museum when I visited it in 2005:

After a few awesome hours at the museum we wandered Beacon for a bit to consider its lunching options, uninspired, we traveled to a sort-of-close by mall where there was supposed to be a Red Robin.

When we got to the mall we found out that the Red Robin had closed, but we were still able to do other mall stuff and ate at a Johnny Rockets. (If I had QuickTime Pro and could compress videos to under 100mb then I'd have a really great

In both the Mens' and Womens' bathrooms of the mall there were these cards, it was funny to see Lexia thought they were curious enough to confiscate just like me:

And then we drove on back to civilization because we had been missing it so bad.

Friday Night: Party Time!

Later on it was Friday Night and it was time to party! Reghan and Patricia came over and then we hit the mean streets of New York.

Hitting the mean streets:

Lexia, "Collin, we don't have any nice pictures together!" (true quote):

There's Patricia

We went to a party Becky and May were throwing at their place in midtown, Matt made all sorts of new friends while he was there.

And there was a big bunny hiding behind a curtain there.

After the party we got psyched out by trains that wouldn't let us on

But our wait was made less wearisome by a friendly accordion player.

Arriving at Union Square we were stumped as to the next turn our evening should take, so some obstacle course races were organized.

Followed by jumping.

And jacket wearing


I was going to post about Saturday, but then I might never finish this post. So Saturday goes up in some other post! Good night.

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