Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Best Let's Get Caught Up, pt.2 pt. 2

Well, I feel lazy. Turns out I really didn't have that many pictures from Saturday. I could have stayed up a little later last night and gotten these into the last post.

Saturday Day

Saturday day Matt was at a conference and I went to Riverside Park with some fellow downtowners. I'd never really been to Riverside Park, turns out it's pretty good.

That's Heidi right there in the purple. And I believe you've met Collin before.

Team sports! Everywhere, team sports!

We walked all the way to Grant's Tomb, I've been to that tomb before.

That's where Collin showed me how well he could split a stick.

Saturday Night

The plan for Saturday Night wasn't necessarily to have a total bro night, but we sort of did. Collin, Chris, Matt, Jared and I got some tacos (full disclosure: Reghan came, but then she left, and then it was a total bro night) and we did totally broish stuff like text and call people constantly to find Saturday night activities, sneak up to roofs where we did not belong, hold Councils of Elrond, wander the streets, and harass art.

Eventually, while wandering and texting down St. Mark's Place, we ran into a contingent of amigos who had been celebrating Olivia's birthday. Here's Di doing an impersonation of me.

A thing that captivated everyone were the spring blossoms forming a canopy of bloom over rugged old St Marks.

Yeah, that's right. I said "canopy of bloom", what, you don't know about me and words?


Sunday we had a little dinner at 2 Gold. Someone had been messing with the fruit.

The light was perfect for a visit to the roof. That 2 Gold roof, sometimes it just doesn't quit.

The catch-up window is closing fast, soon I'll be blogging things as they happen.

And here's a forewarning: Mom and Dad are in town now and we're going to Babbo tonight. Foodcentricity of this blog soon to return more powerfully then you could ever imagine.

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snc said...

i loved babbo and cannot wait to hear your take on it.