Thursday, February 14, 2008

Best Peak Snuck

Do you know who is tiny? Tina Fey, I saw her last night and didn't recognize her at first because she's so much shorter and littler in person than I ever would have imagined (the internet says she's 5'4", but I've seen 5'4" people that looked taller.) Do you know who is just as little as I expected? Amy Poehler, who I also saw last night and seems to be the 5'2" the internet says she is. Where did I see these ladies at? Why, at a sneak preview for Baby Mama, Ms. Fey's new movie. (What I mean to be saying here is that these two were actually at the theater, not that I saw them on the screeen. Realized I needed to clear that up, lest I look foolish)

This is the trailer, which I only watched half of before seeing the movie:

As you can see (if you chose to watch the video), it's a movie about Tina Fey, who plays a successful vice-president for a Whole Foodsy store called "Round Earth" wanting to have a baby and hiring Amy Poehler, playing a white trashy spazz not too different from the characters she throws herself into on SNL, as a surrogate. Zany situations and heartfelt(ish) moments ensue. The good news about the movie is I laughed pretty much the whole time, my laughter may not have boiled above a simmer of a giggle too often, but I was smiling and amused. Now that its been some hours since the movie ended I've started to wonder about certain plot points that were brought up a little but weren't fully addressed or certain characters that were underused, but I don't think the point of Baby Mama is for it to hold up under much scrutiny. It's not as tight as Mean Girls, but it was funny and how many movies are you going to see where Steve Martin hams it up as a supporting character? (and actually his character, the President of Fey's company, is one of the best things about this movie, "I'm going to reward you with 5 minutes of uninterrupted eye contact.")

Also, given the subject matter (37 year-old wanting to have a baby) there's lots of jokes and situations in the movie that infertility specialists might find funny...or maybe completely lame and played out? I guess I'll just have to find an infertility doctor and ask him or her after he or she sees the movie.

Enough is enough. Baby Mama comes out April 25 (pretty much exactly 4 years after the release of Mean Girls [it's easy to remember this stuff when it happens around your birthday] and also one week before the cavalcade of this summer's super awesome blockbusters* begins) and I cannot say that I don't recommend it but don't anticipated paying to see it myself.

*The Cavalcade of This Summer's Super Awesome Blockbusters is:

May 2: Iron Man
May 9: Speed Racer
May 16: Chronicles of Narnia (could take it or leave it myself)
May 22: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (trailer premieres this morning on Good Morning America, by the way)
June 13: The Incredible Hulk (since they've been advertising Iron Man for months I have to wonder where the Hulk ads have been hiding)
June 27: Wall-E
July 2: Hancock
July 11: Hellboy 2
July 18: Dark Knight

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