Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Best Attachment of Yesterday

From an email from my Mom from yesterday...

On deck: Thomas S. Monson, Mary L. Condie, Frances Monson.

Hi Brig. Grandma sent a snap shot and I took a
picture of it. Elder Monson was the guest speaker on this BYU cruise.
Grandma Condie went with her buddies, the "Gray Panthers." I think Grandpa
called them that, they didn't use the term. Grandma Taylor says that
Grandma Condie reported that Pres. Monson was gracious and hospitable
to all the widows on the trip. He danced one dance with all of them.
Or at least that's Grandma Taylors' recollection of Gma C's memory of
the cruise. (And Grandma T is awfully good remembering details.)

A little interesting, right? I thought so. The woman in the back is my Great Grandma Condie (you may have figured that out from the email, if you read it). I used to drink Ovaltine at the foot of her bed while watching the Sound of Music. Also, the few Saturday mornings I spent at her house she was extremely strict in her interpretation of my Mom's "Only 3 Cartoons" rule. A rule which I took to mean I could watch 90 minutes of cartoons and she took to mean that if 3 Bugs Bunny shorts were played, then my cartoon watching time was over.

Also, from her I learned all my essential Old Testament stories and lots and lots of Pioneer stories. So many Pioneer stories!

And if you've ever heard me mention the book I wrote between BYU and NYU, that was the biography of her husband, James Ira Condie.

But mostly I just wanted to post that picture and supply more evidence of Pres. Monson's kindness towards widows.

Ok, that's it.

WAIT! One more thing: The Condies and the Monsons are distantly related, we share a common Pioneer ancestor, something I'm sure Grandma brought up as she and Elder Monson circled the ship's dance floor.

(Mom, just let me know if I said that sounds too irreverent)


becca said...

question. my high school bff is bekah bell condie. she married kyle condie a few years ago, and he is from rupert idaho. (i think it's rupert.) are you related?

Brig said...

None of those names are familiar. I will have to have my mom tell me the answer to that question.

But if your friend has mentioned that she is related to Spencer Condie of the 70, then yes, we're totally related.

Anonymous said...

great post