Monday, February 11, 2008

Best Last Weekend, pt. 2

More adventures of me taking pictures in Utah continue NOW!

Not only did my trip to Utah for Grandma's birthday coincide with President Hinckley's funeral, but I was also able to go to Liesel and Adam's wedding reception. It was the best reception I've been to in ages!

Family time ran over a bit so I barely got to the reception in time for the toasts, but they were such wonderful toasts, everyone seemed happy, except for Rebekah, because she couldn't understand her camera.

See, here's Mr. & Mrs. Sparhawk. Doesn't everyone look happy? These smiles aren't fake, we were all having a great time.

I was fortunate to be seated at the table for New Yorkers and ex-New Yorkers. Here's Natalie. You all remember Natalie, don't you?

Here's Rebekah, cutting up some prime rib and getting her daily good turn taken cared of.

Here's me and three members of the Blakesely family. Did you know I've been to two different Mexican restaurants with Amber's mom? It's true. I have. And one with her dad.

Here's Sara, sister of the groom, and a brother of the groom I didn't even know about until that night.

I never saw Rebekah again after this picture because I had to go away and be a ship's captain or something.

And here's sister of the bride Erin and Scott.

Sunday family business was wrapped up with one last cake and party for Grandma.

The article read, "Don't bother."

The perfect present for the 80 year old who has everything? A digital picture frame full of photos from across the decades. Very good move, Uncle Greg.

The Edwards have this new cat. It's an absolute troublemaker.

In case you forgot, that Sunday was the Superbowl. I watched the game at about four different places, winding up at Erin's Aunt and Uncle's house with Erin and (drum roll...) Don!!


Monday Grandma was too busy to hang out, so I had to do stuff on my own like go to Del Taco because I LOVE DEL TACO.

To be unwrapped: two crispy beef tacos, two chicken soft tacos, one tostada (total cost: under $4.50)

Disney licensing is getting too greedy.

Then that afternoon I went to Cheryl's because we had a secret mission to undertake.

This sign was inside her building, I found it both funny and useful (and, no duh Sherlock, this picture was taken at a later time then these other ones).

Icicles, everywhere! Deadly dangerous icicles everywhere!

On the road...

Zooming past SLC landmarks...

And arriving at our Top Secret Destination.

Again, icicles having their way with everything.

No one was home, but our secret goal ("the bag") was obtained.

Good thing Cowboy was locked up because he sounded like a vicious guardian of the home.

We celebrated a successful secret mission with some Utah delicacies, me, I just wanted a proper corn dog and some fry sauce

Cheryl feels about cheese fries the way I feel about corn dogs.

Then Monday night something absolutely tremendous happened. Some super big email coincidences lead to a London mini-reunion of sorts starring McKay (he did NOT go to London with us, but he's got connections), Karisa, Heather...

and Matt, Andrew, and Me. We met at a Cafe Rio, devoured enchiladas and salads, and then went over to Heather and Jim's for further conversation.

Andrew spent the night at Grandma's and the next morning we stumbled upon the house record collection.

Uncle Greg had just been talking about this Evel Knievel record that weekend.

If you've got the time and the eye sight, I recommend trying to read the lyrics to "Why" by Mr. Knievel.


Then we got a little breakfast (it doesn't look like much, but was actually pretty good) and then Andrew had to head back to Logan to make some bread (literally and figurativley, hardy harhar.)

Andrew's fork gave him problems.

Grandma disappeared for a while that afternoon and I was like "Man, what happened to Grandma?!" but then she showed up and I was like "Well, duh! She was doing her civic duty!"

We went downtown and had a late lunch at Z'Tejas. Bad news, guys. Z'Tejas is still delicious, but they took their catfish fritters off the menu. Z'Tejas is dead to me now.

But good news, guys. Grandma has a new cat, Benny/Sofi/Kelsi, and she haz activated lazurs!

Then the clock started ticking swiftly on my Utah trip. Cars returned, goodbyes were uttered and a final meal was eaten at, where else, the Red Iguana. Because I needed needed needed some exotic moles.


Tannerama said...

That Herb Alpert album is fantastic. And the cover is provocative. My Favorite track is "Taste of Honey".

Cindy said...

Yes, but how did my car perform?

Brig said...

Pretty well until that last snow bank. Errr. Marsha told you about that, right?

Rebekah said...

you never saw me again after our picture because you ditched me. you didn't return my phone calls and you certainly didn't answer the door when i showed up knockin' at your grandma's.

Don said...

Brig! May I say that it was absolutely fabulous that I got the chance to see both you and Erin that night. Advice and All!!!

JayMoo and Stephoin said...

I'll assume by ages you mean "since last August". Hardcore jealousy when it comes to the quantity of people you saw in Utah.

Chris said...

I believe I actually would kill for some killer nachos. The perfect ending to any trip to Utah. Well played.

Sharoncalling said...

Its fun to see what you were up to when you weren't dodging icicles at my house. Thats a lot of goood Mexican food you had. . .Hi Rebecca! Hi Andrew!

Heather-Rita said...

It was beyond good to see you! Looking at your blog I realized two important things:

1- I really, really enjoy seeing you and being your friend
2- I wear entirely too much blush

Love ya!

Brig said...

So good to see all you guys here in the comments!

Chris--You should try the nachos at La Casa de Los Tacos. Bit of a trek from Jersey City and maybe not safe for babies, but pretty dang impressive for New York.

Rebekah--Nonsense, all I hear is nonsense and you know it.



Jaymoo--Hasn't it been a long time since August? That's what I meant

Heather--Ditto (except I have nothing to say about blush) plus Remember, you have until the end of Summer 2009 to get out here. And to sweeten the deal: I'll even babysit for you guys if you want to go to a Broadway Show (this is what I seem to do for visitors with babies and I don't have a problem with it) as long as it is a respectable production.

Lynn said...

SO Brigham, I know your friend Michelle from High School, but I know the Blakesleys because my best friend married their son Chris. Aren't they wonderful? I love the world. Oh and my friend Ericka was in your ward in NY too. So basically we're best friends.

Lynn said...

And I love how much you talk about food on your blog. That's another reason we're best friends.

mimi said...

HOW MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!!