Saturday, February 23, 2008

Best Maybe Now I'm Convinced

A few clicks in and I was starting to really like the guy.

I think we're standing on the verge of something new here: The reverse-dozens, where the subject is praised in escalating degrees of ridiculousness.

For example, "Yo mama is so nice, on your birthday she brought cupcakes for the whole school district!"

See what I'm saying? And I just invented that one, it took me no time at all.

"Yo mama is so rich, she payed for the college education of complete strangers and also bought laptop computers for a village of Guatemalans."


Oh wait, try putting your head around this one:

"Yo mama is so poor yet selflessly kind to others that she inspired a reality show where a bunch of people built her a new house because really it couldn't have happened to a nicer person and now the whole construction crew is crying, along with your town's mayor...shoot, now even the banker that was going to foreclose on yo mama is crying now. Dang!"

I could go on and on!

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niall said...

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Lolcat killer!

Daniel and Michele said...

I think you need to see this

Anonymous said...

Thats the coolest sight I've seen today.-matthew gold allen

Heather-Rita said...

I'm really excited that O'Bama helped me move my sofa AND bookmarked my blog.

I'm a lucky lady!