Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Best Pasta of the Day

"Best Pasta of the Day?" you might ask "Surely you mean Best Pasta of the Week?" Nope. Best Pasta of the Day. I'm heeding Tai's counsel and only making as much pasta as I'll eat, Best Pasta of the Week is over, the age of Best Pasta of the Day has begun, no more forcing myself to eat leftover pasta for days and days.

Moving on, today for lunch I made myself a super-simple Pasta Carbonara. And listen, I know you noticed the egg yolk, I noticed the egg yolk, just hold on and we'll talk about the egg yolk.

For this meal I had to do something I had never done before: separate an egg. The hardest part about it was deciding what to do with my yolk while I was mixing the whites in with the pasta...I didn't have a bowl ready to place it in, and I couldn't get the shell to sit upright on its own for the few minutes so I wound up holding it in my left hand and finishing cooking the dish with my right. This lead to my whites and cheeses not getting mixed in with the spaghetti as well as I would have liked, but I learned so much!

Anyway, this is what my Carbonara entailed: two strips of bacon, roughly chopped, cooked very excellently, tossed my cooked spaghetti in the frying pan with the bacon and then the egg whites and a WHOLE lot of pecorino romano and some pasta water to keep it a little loose. Put it on a plate, added a little salt, a whole lot of pepper, and then topped it off with the egg yolk (which I then mixed in, because I'm not Rocky).

It was good. And kind of breakfasty.

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marshall p said...

next time you're in utah I will make you a pasta carbonara that will make you pee in your pants. or I can just tell you how to do it sometime. (the secret is cream for creamy creaminess.)