Thursday, February 28, 2008

Best Hey Look What I Did

Q: Hey Brigham, what did you do?
A: I saw Young Frankenstein!
Q: Where did you sit when you saw it?
A: Row AA, Seat 114...that means a few seats right of center, front row.
Q: Wow! How'd that happen?
A: Kim won the tickets in the ticket lottery.
Q: So how much did those tickets cost, $450?
A: No, $26! Pretty cool, right?
Q: Actually, I'm not that impressed, I mean, that sort of thing happens to my friends all the time.
A: I know, I guess these Broadway ticket lottery tickets are pretty common. Still, it's blogworthy, isn't it?
Q: I suppose. Did you like the show?
A: Come on, this is a post about me getting tickets, not about the show I saw.
Q: No, really, what did you think?
A: Errr...I don't really get musicals most of the time. But it had Sutton Foster, that's always a plus. And Igor was good. And I like when there was a big Frankenstein puppet. And holy cow! Megan Mullally looked old like a grandma!
Q: Anything else to tell us?
A: I saw Mel Brooks' head, but there were lots of people around him.

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Tannerama said...

My buddy Fred Applegate is in that show. He plays the monk and the commissar. I hear he's hilarious.