Saturday, February 16, 2008

Best Need of Grammar Help

Guys, what's the proper past tense of "take care of"?
I find myself saying "taken cared of" all the time and it just sounds really wrong.
"taken cared"...that can't possibly be right, can it?
But one can't say "I had that taken care of."
Maybe we're supposed to say "I took care of that"?
I think I might be on to something.


M said...

take is the verb. so the past tense is took. have taken is the present perfect tense. had taken is the past perfect tense.

so just to confirm, past tense is "i took care of..." although you could also say "i had taken care of..."

and please do not leave the "of" alone at the end of the sentence. then there would be a dangling preposition and don't even get me started on those.

Cindy said...

I prefer "I got that all taken care of."