Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Best Most Horrible Sounding Thing in the World

The description of the first episode of NBC's new show, Quarterlife:

Debut: A series following six creative twentysomethings as they build careers, relationships and friendships. In the opener, Dylan's video blog reveals secrets among her friends, including Lisa's fears and Jed's feelings for Debra. Elsewhere, a coworker steals Dylan's idea, and Jed and Danny shoot a commercial.

This thing will probably get canceled before its first commercial break.

This, however, I would watch. And by would, I mean am right now.

A creative, roller-skating client is ready to roll romantically by trying to find a love connection, as does an impeccably dressed man from New Jersey. But a recruiting session with a disparate group of women turns into a comedy of errors.

(that would be the latest episode of the Millionaire Matchmaker)


Whoah! Have you even heard of Parking Wars on A&E?! It's a reality show about meter maids and parking violations, here's a description of an episode:

A worker calls for help when he's unable to pacify a citizen; a man claims his car mistakenly received a boot; and a woman tries to use flirtation as a means of getting out of a fine.

Now there's a tv show. As long as people are coming up with programs like this I will NEVER watch anything about videobloggers alienating their friends.

ALSO, there's a documentary on Barracudas on Animal Planet right now but, guess what? I don't get Animal Planet. What? Geeze. There was this missionary in my MTC district, Elder Matthews, he was always talking about barracudas (actually, what he would say was "Barracudas, they're lightning fast. Lightning fast!) and now I can't watch a documentary about them? Come on!


Collin Mapp said...

I miss the writers strike.

Mary said...

You make me wish I had a television. (but only if the shows on there are about roller skaters and love).

Heather-Rita said...

ps....i love the millionaire matchmaker. and sometimes i like typing without capitalization. for example like right now when i'm holding stella.