Thursday, November 01, 2007

Best Halloween Parade

Sorry I didn't make it to the movie, I was in the Halloween Parade. Again. It's really awful fun, except for the part where you wait to be in the parade in a super tight crushing herd of revelers. But once you're actually in the parade? Lots of fun.

For the sake of expediency, I'll dispense with most of my captioning. Either you know who Amy Winehouse is or don't, either you'll know about BioShock or you won't But I wish to have the record show that I was wearing my cat costume, not my crocodile, because A) I did not Halloweeners messing with my detachable tail and B) I did not want my tail dragged all the way up 6th Avenue.

Commence Photos:

End Note 1: Get it, Loose Cattle?
End Note 2: It was my job to try to get pictures of Jeff when he was being photographed with other people. I did a much worse job at this than I thought. But his Snake Charmer costume seemed to be the most universally beloved of all the costumes in the parade.
End Note 3: Now that you've looked at all those pictures, I'll give you another chance to click over to last year's parade. Click!
End Note 4: If you don't know the Chapulin Colorado, then you don't know the Chapulin Colorado.
End Note 5: My mind is blanking on where that walked is from...BattleTech or Battle Star Galactica, maybe?


Tannerama said...


That lumberjack is a chump lumberjack. If you want to see a real lumberjack Halloween costume


Nick Fury and MODOK?! AMAZING!

The Mech I think was from Battletech... that or Exo Squad

Bioshock Big Daddy and Little Sister? Wow! Awesome.

Brig said...

Nick Fury & Modok was a favorite...who expects Nick Fury and Modok? Nobody!

I photographed that lumberjack in recognition of your lumberjack...but did you notice that while you were a jolly lumberjack, he was gay?

I only guessed Battlestar for the mech because there was an emblem on the side that I was trying to place...Battlestar seemed a possibility.

And Big Daddy was photographed with nostalgia to our day of comics and games in September so, yes, essentially this was a post in secret tribute to Tanner. And now the secret is out.

JayMoo and Stephoin said...

All is forgiven - the parade is good times. Pity I had to compete with it this year.

Don said...

Amazing! Just amazing! Thanks for sharing.