Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Best Housing Opportunity

EDITED: Natalie made me realize something was seriously missing.

An Bushwick apartment posting discovered on craigslist (we all regret that Collin already decided on a place to live):

Part vandalism, part fantasy, part recklessness, and part wild abandon- 'The Lair' was birthed from the idea, nay, the necessity to seclude ourselves from all the hackneyed, media satutured bull, to reside within a den of requited passion for art, life, and the pursuit of all things organicly marvelous.

In other words.. The Lair is a sublevel apartment. In plain words.. The Lair is a basement apartment. All those incapable of living in a place with few windows where most of the sitimulation comes from within, please stop reading now because this ad is not for you. I know the coming pictures might razzle and dazzle you, but I repeat if you are not ok with fairly low ceilings and limited natural light, this ad is not for you. However, if you are still intrigued, please read on...

We are 2, somewhat insane, artists and tattoo aficionados with 2 open rooms to rent. Our two friends and fellow artists are moving because one found love, while another is going to look for it. One room, which is the larger of the two is available immediately for November 1st, while the other will be available for November 16th or December 1st.

The lair is a three bedroom apt, that perhaps on any other day, would be a traditional railroad apartment. Except today is not like all other days, and as such neither is our apartment anywhere near the norm. Instead of your usual railroad, it's more like a maze that an architect drew while sniffing crack. Still.. we love it. All 3 rooms are parallel to each other making each entrance ostensibly private in some way.

Continue reading and see more pictures.


Natalie said...

You didn't mention that the add has pictures! The Ice cave and the smoke machine are priceless!I would totally move in but I don't fit their color coded personality requirements.

Sariah said...

"i don't git their color coded personality requirements" that line is killing me.

is to late for collin to reconsider? also, glad to hear he's back in ny.