Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Best Honoring of the Unhonorable*

Today is my brother Owen's birthday. I think he must be turning 21. Since he's on his mission in Spain right now, I am taking my ward's missionaries out to lunch in tribute to him. And because the Feed the Missionaries calendar was actually passed around in Elders' Quorum this month and it has been more than 2 years since I fed missionaries. But anyway, speaking of the lunch that these Elders will you think missionaries like Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, or Indian more? Well, it's not really like they have a choice, because I miss Vietnamese food right now. However, if my everpresent craving for hot and sour soup spikes around the time I meet up with the Elders, I might call an option on Chinese.

*I am not putting down my brother here. I am saying that I cannot honor him on his birthday (because he is not here and because we do not use the telephone), thusly he becomes unhonorable, not dishonorable, which would mean that somehow he insulted my ancestors.**

**This is not a distinction I am prepared to defend with a dictionary, but my gut tells me I was right in inventing it.***

***Wait, what would it mean if Elder Barnes were "inhonorable." Would he be so deserving of honor that he couldn't possibly be honored? Like an invaluable work of art? Wait. Crud. "Invaluable"=you can't put a price on it. "Unvaluable"=Doesn't have value. "Disvaluable"...uh, like, it insults the notion of valuable? Hrmm.****

****These four footnotes were not planned when this post was begun. I just wanted to toss the question of if missionaries would want Vietnamese food out to the internet for some reason. And now things have headed off in a totally different direction. I guess I just like watching myself type. My fingers...they are so elegant and dashing upon this keyboard.


JayMoo and Stephoin said...

I can only confirm that the missionaries in the past have not liked Thai and Sushi. That I know.

Brig said...

They got Chinese! It was safe and fine.