Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Best Costumes from Across the Nation

Can you believe Halloween was like a week ago? I want to show you more great costumes!

First, from Chicago, is my brother Greg as Aquaman. He wore this to school! Four periods passed before anyone made him put on pants.

Then, from California, some Danceright related awesomeness:




Of course, this trio of perfection leaves me wondering: What did Broek wear?


Broek said...

It was like what would have happened if the fairy godmother never came and gave Cinderella a gown... too little time to get a costume. But Saturday and Halloween I was as a 50s housewife with slit wrists.

A few drunk girls said I was their favorite costume... we all know drunk girls are the sages of our time...so that counts for something.

Cindy said...

Um...where's my costume?