Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Best Hero's Welcome

You know they say it's a terrible time to be traveling and maybe Tuesday is early for the Thanksgiving rush to have begun but the papers warned me to be on my toes so I showed up plenty early for my flight today and La Guardia was empty. Not literally, but quite nearly. No line for security, no line for breakfast sandwiches. I discovered myself there early enough to ask the lady from American Airlines if I could get on the flight to Chicago that left an hour before mine and she said "Of course"...tappity tap tap and I had a new ticket. What? It's the holidays, right? Aren't planes supposed to be stuffed solid full of people? Guess not. I arrived in Chicago an hour early and Mom and I got Italian Beefs from Johnnie's and then she surprised me with a copy of Super Mario Galaxy, the brand new Mario game for the Nintendo Wii. Flash forward 8 hours and I'm still sitting in the den, riveted by fine intergalactic adventure I've been having, and collecting my 25th or 26th star. What a magnificent day, what a magnificent video game. Let's hear it for Thanksgiving!

And seriously, if at all possible, make sure to try this Mario Galaxy game out. It's so good I was stomping my feet.


JayMoo and Stephoin said...

You are my only outlet to Galaxy madness. I eagerly await your return from Chicago.

M said...

just played it for the first time last night. i agree. it's amazing.