Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Best Halloween of the Year

First, on Monday after FHE Kim showed me her super-awesome Tina Turner pumpkin.

And on Halloween, in the afternoon, I saw CSS play at the Apple Store. This was my first "concert" in months and months and months. It was kind of whatever.

Now, down to business.

Tuesday night I decided to make Halloween special and walked in the Village Halloween Parade. The Village parade is like UVSC, it's open enrollment, anyone that wants to be in it just has to show up. It is preferred that you have a costume on.

How's this first picture for amazing?

I was just standing around, waiting for my group to get together when this little Japanese girl in a a Doremon costume ran up to me and started jumping up and down. This established a theme for the rest of the night: Japanese people recognizing me and not knowing quite what to make of the 6'3" American in the blue robot cat costume.

Another theme of the night: The awesomeness of Ty's Wolverine costume. People were freaking out about it.

It was admired by Storms of dubious Gender

Worshipped by lesser Logans

And loved by children!

Here's Halloween pictures, captions are barely necessary, right?

Mark the Cobrasnake was there. Would you believe this is his third appearance on Steady Mobbin'? Whoever can name the other two time his picture has been posted here wins a prize.

Our Price is Right friends disappeared for a while during the parade. It turns out the Newsfolk covering the parade pulled them aside for an interview. Sweet.

At the end of the parade I found Jared and Karen and we walked around and talked about Japan. I know, I know. I need to post more Japan pictures. It's a lot of work, ok? My next post probably has 100 pictures in it.

PS Even though it was worn to a party in LA, I just can't help but post a picture of Broek's Droog costume. What is it with the Johnson kids and their excellent costumes and always being my heroes?


JayMoo and Stephoin said...

You got a lot of mileage out of that Japan purchase dude - nice.

Heather said...

Great photos...I'm taking notes for costumes next year.

Seeing the Big Wheel with Bob Barker brought tears to my eyes...he just announced today that he will be retiring soon. I, along with the spayed & neutered, mourn.

Broek said...

BRIG! What a coincidence, because you're my heart and my soul's inspiration, you're all I've got to get me by...

Thanks for the shout out.

Bryant said...

Sept 20, 2005 & Aug 9, 2005

Brig said...

Bryant wins the contest I almost forgot about! Now, let me look around my apartment and find a suitable prize . . .