Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Best Beloved

A comment posted in the middle of the night made me realize we haven't done this for MONTHS (for the most part). So once again...I wouldn't say that I love cats, but I do love pictures of them...

(careful, there's some funny ones)

p.s. I know some of those animals weren't cats.
The Last Cat Post
Once again, almost all of these were stolen from icanhascheezburger.


Cindy said...

I liked the lizard cat the best.

niall said...

I hope that I didn't make you post another entry about the kitties, well not really. I love the kitties. I think you do too Brig. You know you want to!

Brig said...

Not "made" but "inspired." It wasn't fair for me to keep these locked up in my kitty folder.

niall said...

Ah, to be deemed inspirational is quite an honour. You have a kitty folder? How long until you have an actual kitty? That would be excellent.

Brig said...


If I were to own a cat it would be for the lone purpose of providing myself with an unlimited supply of cat photos.

We have a cat at my house in Chicago who has, during his 18 year residence, gone from beloved pet to grouchy tenant to mildly revered elder that we can't believe is still alive.

Also, I'm fairly allergic to cats.

Cat Facts!!

niall said...

I was fairly allergic to the kitties as well, but I fought and won! Plus, the cat doesn't care if you're feeding it just for an endless supply of entertaining photos. It's just happy that it doesn't have to hunt its own food. Have you ever noticed the feline characteristics that Mitch has? It's uncanny.