Thursday, November 08, 2007

Best What I am Observing: The Sequel

Here's what's happening now. There are three workers in here now. They have been using a blowtorch and now they're hammering and chiseling. Wait! Fourth guy just entered the room! This is a major development. One guy just said "Yeah, I had to open up the wall and extend this pipe." Now the fourth guy just pretended to rub this one guy's back and we're all laughing. Ha! This is the best. My new air-conditioner/heater looks really serious, like I live in an office or motel room.

Everyone is wearing little white masks except for me. Hmmm.

Fourth guy just made an appointment with me to come back later next week to patch up the wall around the unit because, wow, they really tore it up.

This is what happens when you live in a co-op. People from the building just show up and tell you they're going to give you some new major appliance. And it's not the owner of the apartment, it's the building, the building is trying to better itself. Basically co-ops are like the Skynet of apartments.

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