Saturday, December 30, 2006

Best Return to the City

So, yeah. I got back to New York a couple of days ago. Today I went up to East Harlem for lunch. Why? Because I had been hearing lots of great stuff about this place, "La Casa de Los Tacos", and decided to stop sitting around wondering about La Casa de Los Tacos and to do something about it . . . something like going there!

And guess what? I didn't go there alone! Because Mike Lemmon was in town from the future New Zealand.

When the waitress brought out this array of taco fixings I was like "Yessss! This is going to be great!"

And it was! Look at these beautiful tacos! (Actually, the carnitas and carne asada were a little weak compared to the pastor and chorizo and the tacos were a little too big and overstuffed, but I think that's just how things always are in America)

Also, I had a sope.

I love a good sope (and a good backlit photo).

On the way home there was this butter on the street

Back at my apartment I shared something very important with Mike: The Power of Guitar Hero (II).

It's the super-addictive way to rock your afternoon away.


Cache said...

i'm pretty sure this is the guy in the ensign photo.

JayMoo and Stephoin said...

Any idea if this is available on Xbox - or if I can at least get Dance Dance Revolution on Xbox?

Anonymous said...

Brigham, you look like a kid! You look great!

Brig said...

Oh, Anonymous! You always say the nicest stuff!

mimi said...

how nice of you to not invite me, brigham!

Brig said...

I didn't know you liked Guitar Hero, Maria. You can come play whenever you'd like!

Sanjay said...

They all guys is very very happness best return to the city but all guys in the party celebrities.