Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Best Tardy Movie Review

Tonight I saw Marie Antoinette at the only movie theater that's still playing it in Manhattan. I know a lot of people were disappointed in this movie, and to those people I must ask: "What exactly did you expect?" Because I thought that, as far as films about idle and detached aristocracy go, this one was right on. Also, I think Jason Schwartzman deserves an Oscar.

Also also, when I first heard that the movie wouldn't follow Marie through to her death, I was bummed. But while I was watching it tonight I couldn't help but think "I'm sure glad they aren't going to show her die in this."

Wait, I think I'm going to make this post about lots of movies I've seen lately.

Second Review

A week ago I saw "Two or Three Things I Know About Her" at the Film Forum. I read somewhere that this movie was Godard's finest masterpiece. Hmmmm, I don't know. Not to sound like the undeducated guy at the art house, but this movie was boring and just hard for me to sit through. I kept looking at my watch, counting down the minutes for it to end, wondering if I should just leave.

Also, at the Film Forum, absolutely everyone in the theater has a book with them to read before the movie starts, it's like the audience there is so into intellectual stimulation they can't stand to go a second without something erudite and/or French, it was almost as annoying as if they were all playing gameboys. Even the guy making a protein shake in front of me right before the movie had a book.

Third Review

During Thanksgiving my Grandma and I went to see the Queen. Grandma was really worried about it being sold out or us being late so we left for the Jordan Commons slightly more than an hour before the movie started. Good news: Tickets were still available when we got there!

I really liked this movie. It reminded a lot of Superman Returns as both movies are about famous and popular fictional characters that we're all aware of but whose feelings I think don't think we spend enough time thinking about. And I love hearing Prince Phillip say ridiculous things.

Fourth Review

I saw Clerks 2 on an airplane the other week. Question: What is wrong with the main character's face and why is his necklace so tight?

Fifth Review

Also, on the airplane I saw Miami Vice. I like how this movie started in a club with the action already going. Besides this, I don't think anything happened in this movie. But it did make me wonder how far it is from Miami to Cuba.

Sixth Review

Ahem. Another time, on the airplane, I watched The Devil Wears Prada one and a half more times. This movie does not hold up to multiple viewings. Watch it more than once and you'll begin to sympathize with Meryl Streep for having to put up with Anne Hathaway. A thought I had: Anne Hathaway is so much an actress but more like a fine horse put on display.

Seventh Review

Not a movie, but I want to talk about Campus Ladies, a TV which I discovered while flying on an airplane. While I have seen more lousy episodes of this show than good ones, I refuse to not like it. This is my favorite show on a cable channel that I didn't even realize my TV got (and that channel would be: Oh! a.k.a. The Oxygen Network). Please, someone back me up here so I don't seem too odd.

Eighth Review

Did I see an action movie recently? For some reason, I feel a little like I saw an action movie recently.


bex said...

i would like to second the review for campus ladies. The second season is so much funnier than the first, and sometimes I am glad that I am watching alone because the humor is sometimes old-ish lady humor. But, man. It is my favorite thing I tivo right now.

Cindy said...

I heard about the Campus Ladies from Aaron W. I have yet to watch it though. Maybe someday when I get tivo.

Kimberly said...
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Kimberly said...

I loved Marie Antoinette (it also helped me know the answer to a final Jeopardy question a couple of weeks ago). Anyway, I thought it was a great perspective on her life when most people only talk about how she died, or the phrase that she didn't say first but apparently made famous.

Brig said...

Thank you, everyone, for agreeing with me.
When I hear the old lady jokes on Campus Ladies it just makes me happy for them, being so old and being able to stick it to youngfolk like that.

JayMoo and Stephoin said...

No Casino Royale love on this blog? I'd like to see if you think it is great like everyone else.

Art House Cinema: Go see The Enigma of Kasper Hausser...its awesome. I think it is playing at IFC.

Brig said...

You know, Casino Royale was probably the action movie that I couldn't remember.