Monday, December 25, 2006

Best I'm Telling You for the First Time

New Yorkers,

DO NOT sleep on getting tickets to the Arcade Fire in February. Five nights at the Judson Memorial Church off Washington Square (2/13-2/17). Tickets go on sale Jan 5th at 9am. I imagine they'll evaporate instantaneously. You neeed to go. I think I'll go on Tuesday the 13th or Thursday the 15th. (Perhaps both? It would not be crazy to see them more than once)

Remember when I saw them in Central Park a couple of falls ago?
And you've heard their new single, Intervention, right? No? You can find it (and some live tracks) here.

Also: Kaiser Chiefs@Roseland Ballroom, April 13 (if you plan that far ahead). Also a must, if you don't hate fun.


ian said...

My other half called me last week and warned me about the upcoming Arcade Fire show. We are extremely excited.

Brig said...

For a moment I couldn't help but imagine a two-headed Ian monster. Or an Ian who had split himself in two.

Natalie said...

I'm so coming out for this show!

Brig said...

That's the spirit!

ian said...

The latter. A la Multiple Man.

Lexia said...

Why would you announce that to everyone? Now it'll REALLY be impossible to get a ticket!