Friday, December 01, 2006

Best Keeping Up with the Trends

It's hard to believe that a year ago it was like I was completely on top of the music scene, unable to rest if a hot new band was making its first-ever US appearance somewhere in town and now 2006 is ending and it's not until Ashley 1st's THIRD New York concert that I finally catch her in action. (Can you believe it? NYC Bros even beat me to the scoop!)

Anyway, although it came as no surprise it still needs to be said that Ashley put on an impressive show (far more impressive than my few photos, that's for sure) and possesses a very strong and engaging stage presence. I know her well and still had to avert my eyes when she sang at me from the stage. Someone, just make her famous (more famous) already, ok?

Also, I thought the show would provide a perfect opportunity to get a picture of Karisa and McKay but my every effort was totally foiled.

I guess everyone outside of New York will have to keep wondering what McKay looks like.


bex said...

crap - you are right. I DO wonder. you will never make it in the paparazzi, brig.

Brig said...

He's kind of like a Snuffleupagus.

niall said...

Dang, and here was me hoping I'd get to see Mitch in one of your pictures!

Brig said...

Niall: perhaps your interest is the key to getting camera-shy Mitch to pose for a picture or twelve. Now I've got a mission. I can't let you down.

Jeff: I thought our debate on the Post meant you didn't read Page Six.

Anonymous said...

The show was hot... and so were her shoes!

I love that spy song! I have a picture of you taking a photo. How can I send it to you?????

LA Modern Girl

Brig said...!

Brig said...

Bex & Others:
Look what I have unearthed!