Monday, December 04, 2006

Best Antics: Rooftop Edition

The Setting: Saturday night, Christmas party on the Upper East Side. Things are hopping downstairs, but my friends and I have found ourselves on the roof.

I point out that the string of lights makes me think of Pac Man. Erin takes it from there.

Collin asks himself: "I wonder if I could kick one of these lights?"

(Missing: Photo of Collin mid-kick)

The answer: Yes! Light kicked!

One head, two bodies.

Obligatory timelapse photo.

Good-natured Union Square 3rd amigos.

Since I haven't made an appearance for a while, this is me. (And if you can't tell, I'm not on the roof)

Various East Village sights from my walk home.


niall said...

I hope yer not teasing me with a delay squire!

scrumpestuous d said...

Nice time-lapse. Long live the Leica!

erin said...

Do you remember the Pac-Man Christmas special? I wish they were showing that on TV this holiday season.

PS- like the pic of you in the subway. The beard is at its heighth of coolness.

Brig said...

You won't like what I had to do this morning.

marcilyn said...

Is that francesco wearing the pink scarf? or is it just someone who looks like francesco . . . i can't tell and its totally bugging me.

Brig said...

There is but one Francesco. No imitators.

The real question: Who is Marcilyn?

marcilyn said...

That is a reasonable question. I found your blog through my friend Cassian's blog and I guess if you want to know more you can go here -- I know Francesco through dance parties in Provo. He looks so different with that haircut.