Friday, December 22, 2006

Best of the Best

One night I was up late scouring Chow Hound and decided to see what the boards had to say about my dear hometown of Oak Park, Illinois. It was a little neat to see that whenever anyone started a "I'm going to be in Oak Park, where should I eat?" thread, the general response was: "Go up to Johnnie's in Elmwood Park"

Now that I'm home for Christmas, I had a chance to go up to Johnnie's in Elmwood Park .

It is quite possibly the most delicious smelling restaurant on earth. Coals and sausages, the perfect combination. Also, it is very satisfying to master their Soup Nazi-ish ordering requirements. Also, this is my Mom.

This is Johnnie's combo sandwich, featuring Italian beef and an Italian sausage. I had mine prepared "hot and juicy." If this sandwich does not destroy you it will only make you stronger. You really do have to develop a tolerance for all this meat.

And although it has nothing to do with slow-cooked Italian meats, here's a photo from O'Hare airport.

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KereAna said...

The colors in the picture of the O'Hare airport are amazing!