Sunday, December 17, 2006

Best Intellectualizing of the Silly

Andrew, who lives with the Navajo, pointed this very well-written article about the Office (both British and American) out to me today. If you're an Office-lover, or someone who loves to argue about which Office is better, you really ought to read it.

For the Record: I think the American Office is the best sitcom there is. In fact, during their brief overlapping I eventually decided I liked the Office more than I liked Arrested Development (probably due to the ascendence of the Office's second season's humor coinciding with the dwindling of Arrested Development's third season). More scandalous: I definitely like the American Office better than the British one. One of the main reasons for this is I enjoy the larger, better developed cast of supporting characters.

For the Addendum: Thursday, whilst I lunched at the Spotted Pig, I spied Mr. Will Arnett (GOB) walking past the window, conversing on his cell phone. I could not help but yelp "Will Arnett!" and crane my neck to watch him disappear in the distance. Had I beeen outside when I encountered him I do not anticipate my reaction would have been any more dignified.

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