Monday, November 13, 2006

Best Brotherly Weekend

My brother Greg is 16 and had some day off from school and came to New York for the long weekend. We did all sorts of stuff. Sometimes we hung out, sometimes he hung out with his friends, sometimes I went to meetings, sometimes we ate food/played videogames/saw movies/attended musical theater.

One thing we did was go to Bamn Thursday night.

Friday night was really busy for us. First we had dinner at BLT Burger. It was a pretty serious place and I'm lucky to live across the street from it. (rocky road shake?!)

Then we went up to the Nintendo World Store to check out the Wii.

Here's the thing about the Wii. It will make you look ridiculous.

While I tried to enjoy Super Monkey Ball Greg snuck off to take pictures of himself

And play Excite Truck.

I was pretty excited about the Wii until I played it. I don't know. If someone invited me to play Wii Sports Tennis or Super Monkey Ball again I'd probably pass. Maybe some super great Wii game will come along that has me change my mind, but for the time being, I've suddenly switched from thinking I favored the original and innovative to thinking I'd like to get involved with super-intense graphics (that means I want to play whatever the coolest game for the PS3 is supposed to be).

After that we went to the MOMA for a minute.

Then we saw Stranger Than Fiction. I enjoyed Stranger Than Fiction like I would a hot bowl of soup. Deee-licious!

I interrupt this post to say that right now the new Simpsons movie trailer is on TV. Ho-hum. Yawn.

Saturday night we saw the Evil Dead Musical. It was great! I will definitely see it again.

Most days, be they Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, were filled with walking and seeing things.

It wasn't a very photography weekend (maybe I'm a little worn out from taking pictures of every last thing in Japan? maybe I'm saving my strength for my next adventure?) but here's me and Greg right before he left.


Two Clazzy Ladies said...

Canoodling Polar Bears! I want to make them into rugs.

JayMoo and Stephoin said...

Evil Dead the Musical - is it possible not to have fun at that show? WTF was that?

Blake said...

Interesting you weren't diggin the Wii. I actually enjoyed it having played the console at E3 back in May.

KereAna said...

I'm glad your brother is so receptive to participating in your pictures. It makes it that much more fun.