Thursday, November 16, 2006

Best Joke Taken Too Far

First of all, if you read Cindy's blog, please pretend that this is all news to you.

Monday morning I took a brief, impulsive trip . . .

To Alaska!

Just joking! I went to Seattle to see Cindy.

You see, a couple of weeks ago Cindy said to me "Hey, I've got these tickets for a joke show, you should come out and see it" and she was all joking and I joked back "Yeah, maybe I will." But here's the thing . . . I wasn't really joking, because I did go to Seattle.

We ate at the Honey Hole.

But I was still hungry so went to Tacos del Mar.

Then we went to the Experience Music Project and Science Fiction Museum. Not to be negative or infer that I didn't like either museum, but if you're ever considering going, it's just better that you don't.

These were the jokes.

The next morning I got up and took a walk

To the most corporate looking Taco Time I've ever seen

Because, as you know, I cannot resist regional fast food. Particularly if it is Mexican.

Then that afternoon I went downtown with Cindy and her roommate Jane and we ate at Ivar's.

We were also joined by Melanee (who I once knew as "Luckee Martini") who I hadn't seen in ages. She has three kids now!

We fed the seagulls. Feeding seagulls is primarily a terrifying activity.

It was Jane's birthday so that night I got to go to her birthday dinner at Sam's Sushi (which was magnificent)

And then it was time to go home to New York, except for one little thing.

I feel this picture really captures the essence of being stuck at an airport in the middle of the night, wondering if the engine can be fixed or not.


scrumpestuous d said...

You're making me jealous. Taco del Mar and Ivars? Slow down. I've been to that Taco Time as well... It's a veritable culinary romp through the peasant food of Seattle!

Jane Says said...
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Jane Says said...

thank you for flying all the way from new york just for my birthday (oh, and demetri martin) - we both appreciated it! come again, anytime you'd like!