Friday, November 03, 2006

Best Awfulness

I just want to say that I thought last night's Office was terrible and I can't believe that Mindy Kaling wrote it because she also wrote "The Injury" which is pretty much my favorite Office episode ever.


Joe said...

I agree. It's lack of funny pretty much ruined my night.

Anonymous said...

You know, some of us read your blog before we watch the Office.

Brig said...

There's just a difference between Michael being a little dumb and insensitive and Michael acting like a cartoon of a stupid person. And it spilled over to other people . . . no real world person would have stayed at the party in her cheerleader outfit.

I'll never get over how dumb it was to have Michael confuse samosas with smores.

Anonymous-I hope you watched it by now.

Tannerama said...

While, I didn't hate it. I did find it pointless.

Why were they drinking?
What's with the Text message? And the ride home?

The episode was weak weak weak.