Monday, November 06, 2006

Best Technical Difficulties

I'm having a bit of trouble making the internet (and particularly blogger) work from my apartment right now so I can't post Brig in Japan IV right now. But here's a video (which I did not make) that you should watch as a preface to whenever I'm able to get those 100 pictures up.

Oh, wait. Youtube says that the maker of the video has requested to have embedding disabled. Bummer. Now you have to click a link to see it. I might as well tell you it's a video of the Journey to the Center of the Earth ride at DisneySea. Curious?

Then Click Here

And here's a video of the Storm Rider ride, which was really fun. (Only watch this video if you're pretty sure you'll never go to Disneysea or, if you are going to go, you don't mind having some of the surprises from this ride ruined)

In fact, if you go through parkhopper's videos, you'll learn more about Disneysea that my to-be-published-eventually pictures will ever teach you.

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