Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Best Milestone

I know you've missed me talking about my sitemeter over the last few months.

But yesterday at 11:56 am someone who gets their internet from exquisiteapparel.com was my 50,000th visitor (since the installation of my sitemeter roughly two years ago.)



winston said...

What I have been woundering lately is if a boy and a girl can go on a trip and be "just friends". Does one of them always wish it was more than a friendship? I have heard from boys that if they are hanggin with a girl they are seeing if they like her. When they decide they don't then they are out of there! Boys are never "just friends". What are your thoughts?

Anonymous said...

I think someone is always i wishing it will go further. I don't think boys and girls can be "Just Friends"

Brig said...

From my experience, all I know is it's pretty much impossible to go on a trip to Japan and not wind up with two beautiful girlfriends that work at a taco stand.

Anonymous said...

For real! What do you people think?