Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Best Fuzzy Thanksgiving Memories

Taking pictures is like keeping a journal, and if I don't take a lot of pictures, I barely remember what happens.

Take this past weekend, for example. I can hardly piece it together.

I think I went to Cafe Rio with Andrew and Heather but my only picture is from when I accidentally took a picture of the table at the restaurant.

And apparently that night I had a cheeseburger from the A&W?

Thanksgiving. I don't know if we ate anything, but Grandma learned to video chat (which I haven't even done myself) while Jen showed off her baby.

I do remember that it can be very hard to find food for sale on your way to Logan on Thanksgiving night, but "luckily" I found a Beto's that was open.

If you, like me, haven't eaten at Beto's for a few years, it's best to keep it that way. Oh, who am I kidding. Beto's is the most delicious bad food there is.

As I showed up before, I remember going to the park in Logan quite well, but apparently another thing about Logan is that they have electricity.

One morning I watched Emily wrap a
wedding present.

Someone got married, we were trying to find Erin Sanchez at the wedding. On Temple Square.

This is a big picture of who got married, like I said, I was just stopping by, looking for Erin.

One thing I remember very vividly: Blue Iguana with Dirk, Jo, Niall (my Glasgow-Penpal), and Mitch.

Another thing. I got to borrow my Cousin Spencer's car.

And those, honestly, are all I have to show for my Thanksgiving in Utah.

Wait. I forgot one.


emily said...

that's actually a picture of the sister of the girl who got married. she's on a mission, so they had that picture there to represent her.

that was the saddest yarn ever! so fragile.

bek said...

i wish my grandma loved me the eay yours does.

bek said...

when i said "eay" i meant "way." i'm learning how to spell.