Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Best I Guess We Live in the Future

The Toyota FJ. The first time I saw this thing I felt like someone had set a full-sized Hot Wheel in front of me. Toy shape, toy color . . . is this thing for real?

It has three windshield wipers?!

It's called the "FJ"?

I don't get it, but whatever.


Cache said...

looks like someone stole a stupid looking concept car

bets said...

I'm pretty sure Jeffery Cross was thinking about selling his Mercedes and buying one of these.

bets said...

Also, sidenote. I saw a fancy new Bentley in SF yesterday when I was driving home from work. It was beautiful. I don't usually think cars are so beautiful. But the Bentley was so pretty. Probably this happens to you all the time in NYC.

joe said...

It kind of looks like a Honda Element that was picked on in Jr High so it decided to lift weights and shave it's head so people would think it was tough, but it still cries at night and listens to Bauhaus. Also, what is it doing in New York?