Thursday, June 22, 2006

Best Go Huskies!

Dear Cassian,

Here are some pictures of Eleanor Friedberger from my High School yearbook.

Her Senior Picture:

Her Junior Picture:

Her Sophomore Picture:

Softball team picture (back row, to the right of the coach in white)

Tennis team picture (second from the top, second from the left)

P.S. Here are bonus pictures of Ludacris when he was still going to my High School.

On the gymnastics team, between my friends Javin and Eric, with whom I went to Philmont.

On the wrestling team, beside my friend Carlton a.k.a. "Peanut"

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Cache said...

I hate losing all the time.

emily said...

i almost had sex with matt friedberger, but rob cock-blocked me.

i didn't realize ludacris went to your h.s.; that's quite amazing. he's got women seeing stripes 'n thangs.

bets said...

The link to your blog on our blog is so right on.

Brig said...

Dear Readers,

Something is wrong with blogger. When I try to post my post for the day, it says that it can't find my blog. I hope this is a temporary problem, and I hope you found this message hidden in my comments.

Your friend,


lucas said...

that white kid isn't eric, it's charlie something.

Brig said...

I thought it was Eric Nelson. I didn't know anyone in Oak Park was named Charlie.

Lauren said...

Dear Brigham,

Do you know Sufjan as well?

(I know that he's from Michigan, not Illinois, but I just thought I'd ask.)

Any photos of said star would be highly appreciated.