Sunday, June 25, 2006

Best Content Drought

I just don't have much to blog about these days because studying for the bar is all I do. And I don't mean this like "Dude, I study soooo much, all I do is study, bro, my life is over, this stinks, kill me, kill me, kill me" way but in the "I have a full time job, it is called Study for the Bar" way. That's just how things are.

Anyway, you know that I like blogging and I was trying to come up with content this weekend. I almost blogged (with photos) about a bottle of orange juice I had on Saturday . . . I found all the hippie talk on my orange juice a bit too much to handle and was really going to let it have it . . . but then I realized I was about to use my space on the internet to give the label on a plastic bottle a hard time. What? Also, I was going to go to this barbecue on Saturday, it was going to be my big social activity of the week. But rain. So no barbecue.

Still, I appreciate you stopping by to see if I've done anything. Maybe I'll be hungry again and things will get exciting once more.

Oh. This weekend my bar studies entered the flash card making stage. Because nothing says serious learning like flash cards.


s.a.s. said...

note: just started assisting the flashcard making process for my Cali-bar studying friend. i (a law school no-go) scored better on the practice 'quiz' than my Georgetown grad friend. go flashcards!

love those Holy-oaks!

little holyoak said...

reveal yourself, mystery friend! or challenge me to a duel. or something.