Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Another Best Delayed Post

Almost two weeks ago I went to see Lexia's graduation-related show gallery at 26th Street and 11th Avenue.

26th Street and 11th Avenue.

That is about as middle of nowhere as you can get in Manhattan and there is no easy way to get there if you're not taking a cab. I took the 14D Bus to 18th and West and then it was time to walk forever.

The Far West Side, it's a combination of desolation

And development.

Building art

and sidewalk art

And buildings gazing at each other with brown, imperturbable faces

As you may or may not remember or know, Lexia was my intern on the Personal Best project and just finished working on her, uhm, Masters of Video Art? at SVA. So she was playing her video art magnum opus there in the gallery with all the other grad students.

Someone had built this mirrored cubes with lights and things inside where you were supposed to where black robes, for some reason. The artist responsible was explaining it to me a little, but I would have understood more if I knew Japanese.

Something I did understand was this big 3D (you put on glasses) picture.

Turns out that the gallery was on the fifteenth floor of a big old building and it had a serious terrace with a serious terrace

Oh, Far West Side, you are so different


Cache said...

you've got the eye, dont you! don't you!

Lexia said...

I am a master in COMPUTER art!!! No one knows what I do. :o(

I think technically the gallery is considered to be located in Chelsea. There are hundreds of galleries (and mechanics) in that area. Oh, yeah, and Chelsea Piers.

Thanks for coming.

Cindy said...

That's a nice looking digital camera case. I just bought the younger brother to your camera - the C-Lux. I love it so much and sometimes rest it on the pillow next to me as I sleep.

Mike said...

I used to live in a model's apartment out there, and it was really, really out there, and I had nowhere to escape when my Belgian roommate started pumping his trance music and raving around the apartment and telling me to join him, so I had to join him. That dude on the Segway has the right idea though -- one of those would have made my life a lot less painful!

Brig said...

Lexia raises a good point. Yes, the gallery was within the bounds of Chelsea, so when I say "Far West Side" I mean it as a cardinal direction. I didn't say that I went to see her show in Chelsea because I didn't want you to think the gallery was squeeze in between townhouses and restaurants.

Also, Scores (Manhattan's most famous strip club) was around the corner from the show . . . I don't think Scores would get far with its target audience by saying that it was located in Chelsea.

Across the street from the show: Manhattan's Lamborghini dealership.

And Lou: I am jealous. I need a C-Lux to meet the mini-need that I was seeking to fill when I got distracted by my D-Lux2.

Cindy said...

You would like the C-Lux, but the D-Lux I wish I had so I can say that line from the Coke commercial, "That's D-Lux, son." That was the best commercial.

bets said...

I know this is totally a blog post of the past now but that picture of you in the mirror with the cape and that silver dot right over your eye is so good.