Monday, June 19, 2006

Best Flurry of Weekend Activities

This is what happened this weekend. Yes, this very weekend. Not some weekend many weekends ago.

1) I now have Bar classes 6 days of week. So, not pictured: me sitting in class Saturday from 9 to 1:30, acting really grouchy, writing down my notes very resentfully.

2) Gladys Knight came to the Stake Center with her Saints Unified Voices choir this weekend for two nights of shows (two shows a night). I worked as an usher on Saturday, I got to 1) Hold the VIP list and check to see if people's names were on it and 2) Hold the clicker and count the concert attendees. I really liked these jobs a whole, whole lot. I might get a job at Disneyland this fall, counting people as they get onto Splash Mountain or turning them away from Club 33.

This is me with my fellow ushers Don and Oscar. Totally outstanding ushers, it was an honor and a privilege to work with them. Although they closed their eyes for this picture, they did not have their eyes closed when it came to checking tickets!

Oh, and don't let it be said that a free Gladys Knight concert won't draw a crowd (word was the line stretched to CPW and around the corner)

3) While ushering, I got a call from Karisa saying "Hey, my boss gave me his ballet tickets for tonight, want to come?" As I was already wearing a suit and as I was already across the street from Lincoln Center I answered in the affirmative. We saw Giselle (apparently this is a really famous ballet) and it was my first non-Nutcracker ballet and it was great! So much jumping and feet wiggling and leg pointing, and lining up and lifting up and bending over, etc. etc. etc. Two thumbs up! I'd go again!

Here's a sneaky, tricky photograph of the Met's chandalier. (Shhhh. No pictures allowed.)

These noble beasts appeared in the ballet.

4) Post-ballet: Would you believe we met up with a mess of people to catch a late screening of Nacho Libre. The movie was ridiculous, I haven't decided if it was good-ridiculous or bad-ridiculous. I'll let you know.

5) Sunday night I went and saw Glady's show for myself. It was really, really good. The music wasn't always my style, but I can't hate on the show, that would be impossible.

While standing in line (it has been getting HOT in New York) the ice cream truck pulled up. Would the temptation be too much for the Sabbath-keepers then present?


Like I said, that was the weekend.


JayMoo and Stephoin said...

I'd like to point out that I was present for about 50% of your activities (outside of bar stuff) but our talking represented less than 2% of words spoken. Have our lives grown so far apart?

Brig said...

That is when you carried me.