Thursday, October 20, 2005

Best That You Actually Read This Post Because It's About a Super-Awesome Night But I Only Took Two Pictures

Danny Mulligrub from freshman year was in town for a day shooting some additional stuff for the documentary about lady skateboarders he's been working on for the past while. Tuesday night he asked if I wanted to hang out with him and his friend Judah. I said sure. Here's a picture from when we were waiting on the corner for Judah to pick us up. (It is a picture of Danny)

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It turns out that Danny's friend Judah is Judah Friedlander. Who is Judah Friedlander? Well, I've twice reported seeing Judah on the street as a celebrity-sighting (but I've seen him around more than that.) If you clicked either of this links, maybe you wound up clicking more links to find out more about Judah . . . but if you didn't, this is a link to his website. And if you didn't click on that link, let me just tell you that Judah is a stand-up comic who is a commentator on VH1's "Best Week Ever" and who has appeared in lots of movies, like "Meet the Parents" and "American Splendor" and, I don't know, other movies. Oh! You may know him as the guy that gives out hugs in "that one Dave Matthews video." Anyway, Danny and Judah are friends and maybe now, after a night of New York adventures, Judah and I are friends? I guess it all comes down to whether or not he remembers me when I next see him on the street and say "Hey, Judah . . . it's me, Brigham, Danny's friend?"

Okay, anyway. Judah took us up to Caroline's in Times Square where he single-handedly saved a very dismal night of comedy for a room full of drunken tourists. Sure, Judah killed the crowd with his great jokes, but I was more impressed that he could drive to Times Square and find a parking spot like it was no big deal.

This is a very sneaky photo I took of Judah telling jokes:

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After that he gave us a quick backstage tour of the club (mostly all the backstage is is a kitchen) and we drove down to the village because he had a set to do at the Comedy Cellar. I don't know if I should be bragging about Tuesday night like I was caught up in some crazy celebrity encounter or making a new homeboy, but it was a great time. We talked about the in's and out's of stand up comedy, joke selection, reading an audience, and whatnot. It was a great time, and it's always fun to get into places for free and stuff. At the Comedy Cellar we also saw Dave Atell and Godfrey (the latest 7up spokesperson.) What I was really impressed with was how the comedians still really went at even as the club got emptier and emptier (not a lot of people want to hear jokes at 2AM on a Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, imagine that.)

Oh, blah blah blah. What else should I say. It was a great New York night, and now it's Thursday night, and I've been schoolin' all day long, but I had Cafe Havana for lunch and it was $1.25 Big Mac night. So, yeah. Whatever.

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ME said...

This is totally unrelated, but I think you should have a "Best Friend of the week/month" post. Maybe this post isn't totally unrelated because you did mention this Judah guy is your friend. Don't mind my stream of consciousness. Anyway, What can I do to be the next "BEST FRIEND" post?
By-the-way, I don't usually read your blog because I can't read.