Thursday, October 13, 2005

Best Batch of Provonian Bloggers

The Interweb is filling up with people I know from Provo (or people I met in New York but live in Provo) who have blogs now. As I have no strong plans to whip up serious content today (who knows, maybe just maybe an opera review might happen), I'd recommend you visit these blogspots:

Cindy's "Goose Girl" When I first made this post I completely forgot about Cindy's blog. Cindy, I am so sorry. I will not even pretend to be able to come up with a good lie about why I forgot to put a link to your site here. But now I have made the link and the universe has been restored to order. Maybe I forgot about Cindy's blog because she has a thousand websites besides it?

Cassian's "Cash Times" If you're a Steady Mobbin' reader from way back in the day you may remember Meddling Sariah. Cassian is Sariah's brother. He's top notch, and his blog is full of words. Words and words and paragraphs! I advise you take the time to read them. (The words and paragraphs.) Also, there are pictures and mysteries.

Jared's "One Million Paintings" Provo Icon Jared Clark now calls Richmond, Virginia home (an art-making and art-studying home). This is a blog full of Richmond, Virginia art by Jared and others.

Gian's "I Wish I Was I Little Bit Taller" I barely know Gian, but I know he's awesome and that we've made good jokes together. If you visit this blog, you will see the greatest engagement photo that I have ever seen. Ever. Ever. Seriously, go look at it. Great, isn't it?

Amy and Husband's "Webbsite" Old Amy Gueck from back in the day has gotten married and moved to New York?! Read all about it.

Eventually I'll put all these links up over there on the side of the page where links go. Eventually.


Cindy said...

Why am I never good enough for you?

Cindy said...

thank you

marshall p said...

what? don't you like it rough?

marshall p said...

fine whatever

Brig said...

I only just found out about your blog today. I don't think your blog was even born yet when I wrote this post.