Monday, October 03, 2005

Best "Why Don't You Go Read This Instead"?

Last weekend (not the one that just happened) my brother-in-law Cory was in town and we had fun. I've been wanting to write about it ever since it started happening, but didn't get around to it. Now Cory has posted a summary of the weekend on his blog, and I think it is a good summary, so if you want to know what we did, I recommend that you click here and read all about it.

And if you read closely enough, you'll see that I totally owe you a White Stripes concert review. I will try hard to get around to writing it sometime before 2006.


Anonymous said...

who had the blog/journal idea first you or Cory and Kristen? i'm only reading the original from now on so please confess who came first.

Cory & Kristen said...

Dear Anonymous,

The truth is that they were started at nearly the same time, but Brigham's was a Beta project that was kept secret from the family. He gave the URL to his mother for Christmas several months after he started it.

The blogs were started independent of each other. Coincidentally, I was in New York when I found out about Brigham's blog. We were eating dinner at Five Points and I was talking to him about blog things (cuz it was so cool back then).


Brig said...

Or we can be scientific about it . . . Cory & Kristen had their first post in January of 2004, their second post came in September of 2004. I began Steady Mobbin' at the end of May 2004 and have been writing too much for the spot ever since.

I say read both all the time, that way you can know about things I see or think in New York City AND how well my nephew's potty training is going.