Friday, October 28, 2005

Best Low Key Concert

Last night I slipped into the Bowery Ballroom and saw Ambulance Ltd play with We Are Scientists. I sat at a table in the balcony. I took no notes as to the set list. I brought no camera to take pictures with. The lack of pressure to make use of my resources was as exhilarating and enjoyable as flying cross country with absolutely no money in your wallet. (Try it some time, you'll see what I'm getting at.) As usual, Ambulance was dead on and much better than they needed to be.

I was excited to see We Are Scientists because I'm into their song "Nobody Move Nobody Get Hurt." When I first found out that there was a band called We Are Scientists and they had a song called "Nobody Move Nobody Get Hurt" I assumed that it was an ironic cover of the Eazy-E song of the same name (okay, officially his song is just called "Nobody Move") but it turns out that W.A.S.' song is NOT the same as Eazy-E's . . . but still, it's dang good.

After the show I was reunited with many of my old TVT colleagues. They remembered me far too fondly.

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