Friday, October 07, 2005

Best Make Her Famous

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Homegirl Ashley 1st (that's her stage name, I don't want to give away her true identity), who is already well on her way to becoming super-famous (that's a picture of her with an ad for her soon-to-be diamond-certified Christmas Album) is going to be in a radio contest Sunday night. I don't know anything about this contest, except that it exists (and is probably a competition of singing skill, not a trivia gameshow), and that starting at 7 PM (PST, apparently--so that means 3 AM in New York, I think) on Sunday you can vote for her (not someone else) to win if you go here. So, seriously, if you're around the internet at that time on Sunday, vote for her.

I don't know, there's probably even a way for you to listen to her sing, too. Maybe click around at

Also, since contests are all the rage right now, go here to vote that the Enkes are better dancers than the Mulcocks.

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Anonymous said...

Have you seen the lightened version of the Enke/Mulcock dance off? I feel that you can now see the Mulcock's intense understanding of the music and how they feed off the beat. Its much more art than simple dance. You might want to change your vote.