Thursday, October 27, 2005

Best Tiny Videos of Gigantic Wrestlers

Here you are, shakey footage from my Canon S45 of the previously-mentioned sumo wrestlers from Saturday night going at it as only previously-mentioned sumo wrestlers can.

(It seems some consider YouSendIt to be old-fashioned when it comes to hosting videos, but it's how I'm going to continue to roll, for the time being. If any of these links die, let me know and I'll try to revive them.)

Here we've got a good early match. Nothing too fancy.

This video is important for several reasons: First, the wrestler on the right was a real ham (think very early Hulk Hogan with lots of gestures to the crowd for applause) and, subsequently, a fan-favorite. Second, the fellow, (his name was Bjorn or something, I think? He was from Norway . . . maybe?) does a few sumo-leg raises right before the match. (We learned to love those.) Third, this is a good chance for you to see how some matches are won by stupid luck (much cheaper than dumb luck.)

Watch this video! Maybe you don't feel like downloading the other videos, but make sure to watch this one. It features the little (200lbs) wrestler we called Scrappy going up against a 400lbs giant. Also, this video is evidence that I'm growing up into my Dad . . . I grew up listening to him yell at BYU football games on TV games, and now, listen to me, as Scrappy takes care of his Goliath I swear I make the same noise(s) my Dad makes when the Cougs are headed for a touch-down.

Here you can see how tricky it can be to get a fellow out of the ring.

Here's an early match where the fellow that winds up winning the tournament makes short work of a fairly huge opponent.

This is another video of the popular blonde guy. It's one of the better-looking videos I've got as I filmed it while standing by a gate on my way to get some nachos.

The heartbreak of the evening: our beloved Scrappy finally tastes defeat after coming so far. (Be patient, the match starts after 50 seconds)

Oh, oh! Watch this one! Watch this one! The winner is an absolutely ruthless villain . . . and guess what, he makes it to the . . .

FINAL MATCH!! Huge Japanese Guy vs. Eastern European Villain. Not to give away the ending (oh, wait, I already did, at least twice) but, while I couldn't tell when I saw it happen (and neither could he), the Huge Japanese Guy actually wins because the Eastern European Villain took a step out of the ring as he tossed the Huge Japanese Guy.

Just so you know, it takes forever to get these videos uploaded.

PS Looking for Demetri? Patience. It'll be a while.

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