Friday, October 28, 2005

Best Excess in Remindering

If you're like me (in what specific sense I mean that I'm not yet sure) then you've been getting a lot of emails from your friends and from people you barely know reminding you that New York Doll comes out today in New York and Los Angeles. With that in mind, let me just say that today, in New York and Los Angeles, New York Doll comes out. And you've got to see it.

Now I brag. (But if you know me, you already know all this stuff)

I got a copy of New York Doll about three months ago and if I know you, then I probably tried to show it to you (and perhaps I succeeded). To be succinct, this is a magnificent, magnificent movie and I couldn't possibly recommend it more. The only negative reviews I've read about it were written by rock snobs that feel the relevance of the Dolls is overstated in the movie and to that I say: "You are a rock snob." If you think there is any part of you that could possibly enjoy a true story where someone who has had it rough gets what he wants most in the world, then you will have a great, great time watching New York Doll.

Need to know more? Go to the official website.

If you don't live in New York or Los Angeles (what, there's other cities?) don't worry, it looks like NY Doll is coming to where you live, too.

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