Monday, July 16, 2012

Best Learning About Oak Park Through Its 4th of July Parade

All right!  Let's get down to business and get the 4th of July blogged about.  Today we tackle the Oak Park 4th of July Parade.

Oak Park is most definitely my home, but I haven't resided there too much since I was 18.  The parade was a good way to get caught up on new Oak Park facts and be refreshed on some old Oak Park facts.

New Oak Park Fact: the OPRFHS Boys Baseball team won state this year.  Whoah.

Something I knew: Uncle Sam loves Oak Park.

Something I Knew: Our village does not have a mayor or a chief but a President.

Something I Did Not Know: Our seniors are allowed to drive tricycles now.

Something I Knew, and that You're Sick of Me Telling You: Ernest Hemingway came from here.  And we've always got plenty of old men living here that look like him.

Something I Knew: Our cheerleaders got spirit, yes they do.  

Something I Did Not Know: Our Segway dealer will do anything to make a sale, including grabbing your daughter from the crowd and forcing her onto one of his Personal Transporters.

Something I Should Have Known: We have fine Rotarians that support the eradication of polio, literacy, and clean drinking water world wide.

Something I Should Have Known About: Our Roller Derby ladies.

Rachel's not sure what she just saw.

Something I Always Knew: the children of Oak Park love America.

Something I Should Have Known: We have fun drummers.

Something I Didn't Know: Mom knows all about getting the best 4th of July Parade spots and when to be there to get them.

Something No One Knows: What this was supposed to be.

Something I Knew: We got some cherry automobiles in this village.

Something I Did Not Know About: The rainbow squids.

Something I Wish I Knew About: Our excellent baton twirlers.

. . . and cymbalists.

Something I'll Settle For: Our dance teams.  Because the last Oak Park parade I went to had members of the Tumbling for Grown Ups club in it and I wanted to see them again. 

Another thing I learned, that didn't surprise me: At Oak Park parades you are not allowed to throw candy at spectators but you can throw it at the ground in front of them.  Makes everyone look like terrible pitchers, really.


Ryan said...

Your Rotarians support the eradication of literacy and clean drinking water? Amazing!

Brigham said...

We got one of those rare Evil Rotaries. It's cool.