Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Best Early Morning Rose for Some Dark Knight Rises

I still don't know how to tackle the whole weekend, but let's start with seeing the Dark Knight Rises?  Roughly a month before it opened we snatched up some tickets to see it at the Lincoln Center IMAX on Saturday morning at 10:25.  And when Saturday finally came, Emily arrived to get in line at 8 on the dot, the rest of us a little after.  The IMAX lobby had already been filled with one segment of the line, but those sorts are the people you just can't beat.  The people who got there before the 6:30 AM screening.  We still got dead center seats.  So great work, Emily.

The 2+ hour wait flew by.  We passed the time doing stuff like trying to make bat-symbols with our hands.

This seemed like the closest thing we could get to a bat at the time. 

And what did I think of the movie?  Oh it was awesome, that is for sure.  I feel it isn't time yet to get into all the details?  Like what if you're actually reading this and you haven't seen it yet?  There certainly were many moments that really socked me in the gut, I had been on a pretty good No-Spoiler lockdown and had a few pleasant surprises (and the even more pleasant feeling of figuring out a surprise or two before they happened.)  But here is one thing that I think: I think that when I see this movie again I will notice things that bug me, I feel its enjoyment will be diminished by 7 to 8% with repeat viewings.

Leaving the theater we beheld with our own eyes what happens if you aren't in line for IMAX Batman two and a half hours before it starts: You line up all over the place.

And what do I see as I leave the theater?  A pair in line for the 6:15 screening five hours ahead of time. Like I said earlier, there's some people you just can't beat.

Post-show outdoor congregating and discussing and sign-flashing.  There's a lot to talk about after watching the Dark Knight Rises, you're really going to want to have some friends around to discuss it with.

Eventually we started making our way down Broadway.  As you may have noticed earlier, Pearl was in town from Provo (or Costa Rica, actually) as she sometimes is.  And on the right, that's Lemon Verbana.

Saw a Salvation Army setting up to play . . . the Christmas Creep comes earlier every year. 

Dipped into the Time Warner center for some macarons from Bouchon.  I had a PB&J.  It truly was a PB&J macaron.

Major stroller-parking situation outside Landmark, that's the brunch rush you're dealing with right there.

Much further down Broadway enjoyed a couple No. 7 Subs subs.  Roasted broccolli with lychee, pine nuts, and ricotta.

Cheese steak with Funyuns, pickled jalepenos, and "Miso Whiz".  These sandwiches hit a lot of spots. 

I bet you didn't think this Batman post was going to end with close up photos of sandwiches.  But in a way, can you really say you're all that surprised that it did?


Pearl said...

so many events. how are you going to do it even?! I just want to copy and paste this to my blog. Its so good!

Side of Jeffrey said...

this post kind of made me more excited for No. 7 Subs than another Batman movie.