Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Best Mysteries of the Ancient World

Recently I saw The Mummy, the movie, the original one from the 30s.  It was actually pretty good . . . creepy, beautifully shot, and DEFINITELY better than the original Wolf Man (which I saw the same night).  Watching the Mummy reminded me of that time a few weeks ago that I went to ancient Egypt with Andrew . . .

I don't think I'd ever notice rabbit hieroglyphs before.

Or goose.

Ha ha!  Guess what?  We didn't really go to ancient Egypt.  We went to the ancient Egypt part of the Met!  I'm sorry for pullin your chain but I just couldn't resist.  You should see the look on your face!

It is very important NOT to read these pages outloud or else you will bring all the mummies at the museum back to life.  That is what I learned at the Mummy movie.  Really they should have a sign that warns you about that, but actually that would probably just encourage the skeptical to try and see if it really would happen.  The mummy problems we'd have on our hands if they did that!

The form of the hippo is something that has captivated man for millennia.

As well as posing in front of statues.  Lady, your hands should be out, pretending to hold bowls like the statue is.

This pose, however, it is best to not try to replicate.

Golden finger coverings.  These were interesting.

Again, a hippo!

Then we entered the area with this temple, and area I'd long been told to visit at the Met.  An area I finally visited after so many years of not visiting.

Lonely sphinx, totally out-shined by the stacks of old rocks.

There was a big line . . .

To stand in the doorway of the temple.  I think most people in line thought they'd be able to walk around inside, nope.  You just go in a little bit and then have to come out.

I took one photo and was like "Dude, you blinked.  Keep your eyes open!" and then THIS happened

And this, here, is a baboon.

Next I'll show you some not-Egypt stuff at the Met.


Mitch said...

Aw, the blue hippo. Is he called William? My parents went to Egypt a while ago (before Google?) and kept hearing about this blue hippo and going from place to place, hoping to find him. They had a layover in NY and went to the Met and there he was!

Collin Mapp said...

Man, such a magical world! Hippos and baboons running around as part of your daily life! (Remember the baboons crossing the river? Don't get your hands wet!)

Anonymous said...

Are you for real? You've never been to the temple? I feel like temple, armor, instruments are all I ever see when I go to the Met, no matter what I'm actually there to see. Our 4th of July trip (during which we were introduced to Joan of Arc's helmet!) was no exception. -Jessi.

Venky@albrechtdurer said...

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